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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tiny Humans are Great!

I love, love, love 1st Grade! The Tiny Humans never stop moving and need a lot of guidance and love, but it's worth it when they give you that big smile and hug at the end of the day like you're their hero. Seeing the light bulb come on is a reward in itself. The best thing of all, no nasty parents to deal with yet. They all seem to love me too. I get thanks everyday from parents for teaching and loving their children.  

My team is awesome, and we really seem to gel with each other.  We bounce ideas off each other, and really talk about what is working and what isn't working.  We laugh a lot at the things we go through each day.  

Of course with those big hugs,  I also get their big germs.  So here I sit on a three day weekend with a horrible head and chest cold complete with scratchy throat and severe congestion.  At least I can rest.  Gotta love those Tiny Humans!


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